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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My inspiration and some old favorites

I get inspired a lot from anime or fairy tales. Since I was little I loved reading fairy tales and I had a big collection of books. I'm planning on doing collections inspired from various fairy tales around the world, a lot of unknown fairy tales, not just Snow White, Cinderella or stuff like that. Some of the old polymer clay jewelry were a bunch of girls that were living in this fairy tale world. However, I sold some of them so I only have some old photos. Here are some photos: 

 This was one of my favorite, it was a girl who had a lot of things stuck to her hair. Unfortunately, the whole embroidery thing I was trying to do on the edge was not a really good idea because it didn't last and broke while I was wearing it.
So if you plan on doing something similar, you should fix it really well with some translucent clay. I even advise you to put translucent clay in those gaps and it will look the same.

                                           For other old projects you can check out this page. 

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