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Sunday, February 17, 2013

3d Pendant Tutorial

I always admired those 3D pendants I saw such as:
Here is how I did it (sorry for the quality of my pictures but I had poor light)
1. So you start with your favorite cane or background:

2.  We make a cut, it can be whatever shape you want.

 3. We apply stripes of clay, I chose the biggest size of sheet for the pasta machine:

4. We take the sheet of clay that we want to put on top (I rolled it through the nr 3 setting on the pasta machine, it shouldn't be very thick or very thin):

5. We make a hole in it or whatever shape we want, it can be a butterfly for example if you have that cutter, it makes for an interesting pendant I guess.

 6. We apply the sheet over the rectangle:

 7. We smooth it out:

 8. Cut the edges:

 9.We pimp it a bit:
 10. Finishing touches:

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