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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bohemian Necklace

I don't even know what I've been working on lately, with Christmas coming, Halloween and a few personal problems, things have been a mess. But fortunately, I have time to write on my blog now, which makes me pretty happy. So let's get on with it.

I was feeling bohemian a few weeks ago after I had a few orders that featured flowers and colors and all that nice stuff, so I made a custom listing on Etsy that for these types of statement pendants. 

As you can see the pendant is pretty big. I do have child hands but it's 7.5 cm or 3 inches in diameter. What's the purpose of a colorful lovely and bohemian pendant if you can't see it? 

So, I'm leaving you guys with that bohemian necklace and getting back to my binge watching of TV shows and working on a special order.   

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