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Friday, August 14, 2015

Anachronism. Misplaced in Time.

I'm so excited about my new collection. I know that few people read my blog, and I'm not very good at keeping it updated. However, I wanted to talk more about this project of mine.

I have been sculpting for some time now, I still make the cute and kawaii stuff I usually do, but I always wanted to sculpt figurines so I'm going towards that now. I know the things I make are a little rough but I hope I will get better;  they do seem better than the ones I used to do and even throughout this collection you can see that my style improves. I will add another piece every day, as it is ready because I want to take time on each.

I don't know what to say about this particular collection other than the fact that it has been quite a journey for me. I feel now that I have a sense of direction in my shy pursuit for art.

I used a lot of metallic colors and a lot of geometric shapes. I wanted it to be a bit gritty and a bit romantic; I also wanted a bit of sadness and tragedy to transcend from my pieces.

I don't know where I'm heading yet, but this is an interesting journey I am about to explore even more.

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