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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tutorial: Recycling Pizza Boxes/ Sa Reciclam O Cutie de Pizza

From time to time I like eating pizza but I don't do it very often because you has a lot of calories. However, I'm always left with the boxes and I always thought it was such a waste to just throw all that cardboard away. The idea of making a cardboard box was when I was looking for package sending solutions to my clients. I like sending pretty boxes but I don't want to send them by themselves because they can be flatten and might not be that sturdy, so I needed something that would protect them. There are many companies out there that sell cardboard boxes but they are always too big or too flat for my needs. So I decided to do my own and thought that pizza boxes would be a great idea. So here is how to recycle your pizza box into a sturdy box that you can use to protect your handmade package.

Cui nu-i place pizza? Mai comand si eu din cand in cand, dar totusi nu prea des are multe calorii. Totusi, mereu raman cu cutiile de la pizza si mereu m-am gandit ca mi se pare mare pacat sa le arunc si sa irosesc atata material. Imi place sa trimit in cutii dragute dar nu pot sa le trimit ca atare ca nu mi se par asa rezistente deci voiam sa le pun in ceva care sa le protejeze.Asa ca m-am gandit sa le reciclez. Sunt multe firme care vand cutii pentru colete dar mereu sunt prea mari sau prea subtiri pentru nevoile mele. Asa ca m-am decis sa-mi fac singura cutiile in care trimit pachete recicland alte cutii, printre care si cele de pizza. Urmariti in continuare tutorialul pentru a vedea cum transformati cutiile de pizza in cutii rezistente in care sa puneti lucrurile pe care doriti sa le trimiteti prin posta:

1. You will need a pizza box lid, a stapler, a ruler and a pencil.

 2. We take our pizza box lid and cut it in the middle. Make sure that a part of the box is a bit bigger than the other part, that will be the lid of your box.
3. We trim the boxes leaving one of the edges intact and we are left with two pieces:
 4. We take the first piece and measure the movable edge. Here I have 4 cm: 

 5. Using the same measure we mark it on the other non movable edges. I marked 4 cm here and I will also mark it on the other side.
 6. We draw a line and unite the two markings to see exactly how much we need to cut
 7. We are left with something like this. We make our first cut:

8. We proceed doing the same for all the corners:
 9. We fold the corners carefully:
 10. We are left with this.
 11. With a stapler we begin stapling the corners:

 12. And create the lid for our box.

 13. The same needs to be done for the other part.
 14. And we have created the box:

                                                                   Happy crafting!